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Journey into The Ball and Chain

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

10:50AM - after all these years...

The dream is still here.  We haven't talked much about it recently, but there has been much in the way of distractions.  The good news is that we both find ourselves in a much happier place.
I got to be thinking about this dream the other day.  I heard someone talk about being a mental dominate.  How being dominate is something that happens between the ears, and what exactly that means.  He went on and called doms - people that have visions and then turn them into reality.  They make things happen.  That they don't just respond to what is going on around them, but stop and think and then have a reaction that they are comfortable with.  So he got me thinking as to what my vision was and is.  I thought of this B&B that I would still very much want to own.  Of all our different ideas for it, and what it had meant for us.  Then I started to think about why I had wanted it in the first place.  What was my original vision?
I remember being a kid and thinking about kids when I grew up, and I always wanted to have a big house with lots of family/people.  I didn't see myself as married.  Or that all the kids were mine.  I mostly wanted to be able to help people become more, to become themselves and providing a place to do this. 
When the_lady_circe and I talked about this B&B, we talked about it being a place for subs to feel welcome.  A place where some subs might be able to find their voice and be a strong sub.  A sub that submits because they have made that choice, not because they cannot say no. 
I wanted to and still want to help people, especially those I care about, and provide a place where people can be themselves. 
I started to think about how am I doing on the road to this vision of mine.
Right now, I got a townhouse/apartment with two roommates.
One roommate, I know from school and needed a place to stay that week for a few months until they finish school.  I'm hoping everything turns out well for them.  They are only staying til the end of december.
One roommate, needed a place to stay by the end of the month when they moved in.  They have a job, but are having difficulties paying off debt and being able to go back to school.  They might be started school in the spring now.  At least that is the plan so far.  And their working on that debt.  We've known each other for a while, and have actually been roommates before.  I find that we get along quite well together, and are planning to move into a house after this apartment. 
Which the plan is to have enough saved up after next semester to have the deposit for a house so the two of us can move into one.  Don't know if we will be looking for/or have any other roommates at the time.  But who knows?
After we get the house, that is when I'm going to focus on trying to get the property for the B&B. 
So this plan isn't a short one. 
But it is a serious one.

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Sunday, June 6, 2004

2:05PM - Our Dream

This is the journal of confusinated and myself, the_lady_circe  of our progress toward a dream becoming a reality. The Ball and Chain has been a dream of mine for several years, a safe place to vacation for couples with in the BDSM society. There are several of these types of resorts and hotels throughout the world, but none to my knowledge in the South. This dream of ours keeps evolving everyday. We take notes and make business plans and projections constantly. I interview doms and subs alike in knowing what they would like to see in a Bed and Breakfast of this nature. We are studying various zoning and business laws to get an idea of the legal ramifications of what we are dealing with. At the moment we are both working and going through College still. We are saving up a little at a time for our joint project. As time goes by I will post more about who we are and why we are reaching for this dream to be realized. We will gladly answer any questions brought up in this community about our B&B and about the S&M community and life in general. Thank you for your interest in our project, and keep coming back from time to time to check up on our progress and our latest news.

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Thursday, May 6, 2004

4:24PM - A Bed and Breakfast for the lifestyle

Right now we are in the early stages of developement. We are researching and building capital. There is a lot of research to be done. And yes we have heard about www.shadowfind.com. We only heard about it after we had the idea and had been talking about it for a while. A visit there will be part of our research. We have many ideas for our little Bed and Breakfast. However, right now, finishing school is the first on our list of things to do. Some of what we have decided so far is no alcohol, no breath play, no play involving bodily fluids, and to have live-ins. The list of nos may seem harse but we are trying to make it as safe, sane, and consensual as we can. This is only the beginning of the journey.

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